December 2008

It’s been a busy month and not just because of the holidays. Working with Hard Press Editions in Lenox I’ve been applying the “final” edits, color proofing and typesetting for two great books that I can’t wait to be able to sit down and actually read. The first is a book of Kenneth Snelson’s work Forces Made Visible. The second Abstract Expressionism: The American Experience by Irving Sandler has been difficult to work on because I have to keep pulling myself back from getting absorbed in reading it.

I’ve also be writing some copy and designing the graphics for IS183 Art School of the Berkshire’s—The Hair Ball. Their annual dance party-silent auction-masquarade-extraordinaire, the ball has a different theme every year but is consistently one of the best bashes in the Berkshires. (See myriad photos from last year’s party at

And on a quieter but no less fun note I’ve been working with the lovely and talented Karen Beckwith. Karen is an artist and interior designer who recently launched a line of home accessories that includes pillows and window treatments of her own design. I’ve been assisting with drawing floor and furniture plans as well as designing ads. We’re currently working on her marketing plan for the coming year.