For those who like things formal, here’s my official summary:

Talented, imaginative, well-rounded designer with over 16 years of design experience in diverse media. Expertise includes creative direction as well as hands-on design work for all types of printed collateral. Significant web design/development history, including web content development, user interface design and implementation, and e-shopping carts. Photography experience includes shoot coordination, styling, assisting and photo editing. Familiar with marketing communications, public relations support, copy editing and print advertising development.

Speaking Less Formally

In a sci-fi story I read as a child, another life-form commented that “humans like to put things in boxes”. At the time I didn’t understand what the author meant but now I see how true that is. For quick understanding we categorize and compartmentalize but doing so narrows our vision of the world.

In keeping with the liberal arts education I received at Simon’s Rock College (aka Bard College at Simon’s Rock) I relish working in many different mediums and have worked in a number of different fields. I’ve been, at various times,  Associate Art Director, Prop Person, Production Assistant, Research Assistant, Interactive Media Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator, Organic Gardener, Marketing Assistant, Party Decorator, Art Department Coordinator, Model Maker, Photographer’s Assistant, Photographer, Stylist, and Graphic Designer. I like language nearly as much as I like color, form, and line.

I also like to read, play in the dirt, cook, eat, paint, sew, knit, sleep late, hike, stare into water, and rearrange the furniture … Since circumstances threw me back into the world of freelance I’ve been working under the name mQ design.