Book Design

Amy Goldin 
Art in A Hairshirt, Art Criticism 1964-1978
Essays by Amy Goldin, Robert Kushner and others, Edited by Robert Kushner
9 x 6”, 220 pages, Paperback, 15 color plates
ISBN: 978-1-55595-342-3

Loring W. Coleman
Living and Painting in a Changing New England, An Autobiography

By Loring W. Coleman, NA., NWS., Edited by Hugh Fortmiller with a Foreword by Henry Adams
11 x 12, 240 pages, Hardcover, 115 color plates
ISBN: 978-1-55595-341-6

Jason Jacques with Marilyn Fish, Gabriel P. Weisberg, Alastair Duncan, Richard Mills, Eve M. Kahn, and Sarah Sik
9 x 12, 308 pages, Hardcover, 291 color plates, 7 gatefolds
ISBN-13: 978-1-889097-78-0

Frank Vining Smith
Maritime Painting in the 20th Century

By James A. Craig, Introduction and Essay by Peter Williams
11×12, 172 pages, Hardcover, 85 color plates and 85 b/w plates
ISBN-13: 978-1-55595-329-4

Mike Glier
along a long line 

By Mike Glier, Interview by Carol Diehl, Essay by Lisa Corrin
11×12, Hardcover, 208 pages, 240 color plates and photographs
ISBN-13: 978-1555953195

Jerry Saltz
Seeing Out Louder
By Jerry Saltz
6 x 9, 300 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1555953188

Abstract Expressionism & The American Experience: A Reevaluation
By Irving Sandler, Edited by Raphael Rubinstein
In association with the School of Visual Arts
8 x 10, 220 pages, Hardcover, 24 color plates
ISBN 1555953115

Kenneth Snelson
Forces Made Visible
Essay by Eleanor Heartney, Text and Artwork by Kenneth Snelson
11 x 12, Hardcover,  242 b&w and color plates, Includes limited edition DVD
ISBN 1555952437

rock and shift, Suzanne McClelland
Democratic Principles: Portraits & Essays, Foreword by Senator John Kerry, Paintings by Elizabeth McClancy
New Hope Impressions; George Stengel 1886-1938, by Thomas C. Folk