The Colors of August

Last weekend Kit and I had the opportunity to go on a photo safari at the most elegant BBQ ever in Southfield MA. Jeremy and Emily Stanton plan to open a butcher shop featuring organic and locally raised meat and poultry. The outdoor feast was a fundraiser for the project which they hope to launch by 2010. Rural Intelligence chose a few of the boatload of images we shot to illustrate the story.

I just looked over the F&Gs of the Mike Glier book Along a Lomg Line and I’m so excited. The printed, unbound pages we received yesterday represent the last stage of proofing. After months pouring over digital color proofs tweaking and correcting color it’s thrilling to finally see these in printed form. Digital proofs are to print what print is to standing in front of a painting. There’s a depth and intensity to layers of ink on paper to which a digital proof just can’t compare. We’ll have the books in hand October 15th but if you’d like to preview it you can visit Hard Press Editions or Along a Long Line.