The Way

The Way of the Cat

or The Tao of Mao

Kit had never really known a cat before The Boug came into our lives and he is convinced that I somehow possess secret feline understanding. While I think this is mostly derived from a loving attenuation to His Royal Catness’s body language combined with common knowledge regarding cats (ie. they like dairy products and detest getting wet) we have dubbed this collected wisdom The Way of the Cat. For those few who might wish to learn more about these furry little household gods I have collected some bits of trivia below.

The Belly

The Belly is sacred. To be granted access is a privilege and should be approached as such. The privilege may be revoked at any time and with claws, therefore very close attention should be paid to both technique employed in petting and the response of the cat. In fact I really shouldn’t start with this one except to say if you have any doubts, then don’t; leave it to the experts. The belly while a vulnerable spot for the cat also leaves the one touching the belly open to attack with both front and back claws as well as the teeth. Many cats seem conflicted about their desire for belly pets and some have been known to use it as a lure for those they have marked out for special punishment. Should you fail in your efforts at the belly pet, fall victim. In other words go limp and don’t attempt to pull your hand away quickly. It seems counter intuitive but it signals to the cat that you have given up. They’ll usually disengage the rapiers at this point and glare at you, at which point you can pull your hand away slowly. Which leads us to biting in general.